Hygiene protection

7-Day Mask Holder

The investigations of the Münster researchers have shown that after seven days the amount of infectious coronaviruses on the mask is reduced to an "acceptable level" - i.e. the mask can be reused after seven days. The filtering performance of the mask does not deteriorate as a result.

MSM has therefore developed a 7-day mask holder. We are happy to incorporate your design wishes into the holder.

Disinfection stands with fabric print

Our stable disinfection stands are designed in such a way that you have the option of having your message printed directly onto the fabric. The fabric can be backlit to make the print stand out more.

Barrier stand with sign attachment

We have various barrier tapes in different colours and designs in our range. A matching sign attachment for the respective system type is optional.

Spit, cough and bite protection

This mobile attachment is perfect for protecting against viruses and spitting almost everywhere:
Reception counters/counters, sales counters, cash desks, ...

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