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Fair: virtual.MEDICA 2020
Virtual booth ITD


ITD GmbH is a medium-sized company in the electromedical engineering sector.
They have developed, produced and marketed medical mounts and equipment carts for over 25 years.
The highly professional product solutions for stationary and mobile equipment mounts are used
in a wide variety of application areas in medical technology. The customers include well-known
international companies as well as local dealers. Together with their partners, they develop optimum
solutions for their desired applications and according to your specified requirements. ITD is your
partner from the idea phase to the finished product.

Technical possibilities

In case we realised a project for you in the past -as we did for our customer ITD- 3D visualisations and technical drawings are already available and can seamlessly[a] be used for a virtual fair booth.
This way, we can animate a virtual walk around or through your trade fair booth. See for yourself:
Link to the ITD booth Medica 2019
If you don’t have a trade fair booth made by MSM yet, we will be happy to work out a proposal for you.

If you wish, we can work with you and/or your agency to develop a visual concept for your virtual booth, which can be used in both virtual and real projects.

With the latest game engine-based programmes, there is almost no limit to your creativity. Experience your products on the virtual stage in a three-dimensional, detailed all-round view.

Product virtualisation
Furthermore, ITD has chosen a 360-degree view of their exhibits. Since this is a physical product and not a 3D model the visual perception is impressive. The product can be picked up virtually and viewed from all sides. The integrated detailed animations enable the viewer to focus even more on the desired product features.

There are a variety of technical options to get in touch with customers in a virtual booth like this, such as making appointments, web TV, videos, live streaming, chat and video calls.

We will continue to maintain and expand your virtual trade fair booth in the future. New products, a new design or a VR view, the possibilities for expansion are manifold.

Feature overview
* Your booth accessible worldwide, 365 days a year with just one click
* Browser-based application without registration or app
* 3D animated, detailed products at a glance
* Integration of digital media (photos, videos, etc.)
* Interactive live communication between exhibitor and customer
* Expansion of the booth possible at any time

Concept, Design & Execution

Concept and Execution virtual booth: ""
Design: MSM Messe Service Merkhoffer GmbH

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