Doppelstock Messtand NCL - Kreuzfahrtsschiff

Norwegian Cruise Line NCL (Bahamas) Ltd.

Fair: ITB Berlin
Exhibition booth: Double-deck exhibition booth, Base 62 sq m, Upstairs 18 sq m


Norwegian Cruise Line operates internationally and is headquartered in Miami, Florida. It has three locations for the European markets, in Southampton, Malta and Wiesbaden.

NCL’s challenge

The client wanted a double-deck booth on a 62 sq m base that would show at first glance that NCL (Bahamas) Ltd. offers luxurious cruises. The space was too small to build a ship’s hull, so we had the idea of representing a ship with a wall. This resulted in an unusual look that attracted fair attendees while perfectly integrating the upstairs.

Client Statement

Great booth design and dependable execution - many thanks to MSM Messe Service Merkhoffer GmbH for great work every time!

Concept, Design & Execution

Concept and Design: MSM Messe Service Merkhoffer GmbH
Execution: MSM Messe Service Merkhoffer GmbH

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